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Since launching its first collection in 2001, Joie has introduced us to a modest collection of dressy fashions. Best described as “classical clothes, nothing eccentric.” They ranged from soft, colorful suits to a black lace and velvet dress with a bit of a bustle.

This line is inspired on Southern California’s laid-back living. From Boho to Contemporary Fashion they aim to compliment feminine beauty from head-to-toe. Consisting of styles that are chic, casual and aesthetic.

Their modest collection of dressy fashions are must-haves. Women take pleasure in the radiant, happy colors of their line as they make the simplest crepe or chiffon dress look festive. For more convincing fashions a blitz of bright plaids, animal prints and stinging colors can be had.

Skillfully, Joie combines comfort, color and exuberant sexy clothes. Cashmere sweaters with pleated chiffon skirts or big taffeta skirts in a casual approach to evening. Day clothes run to shift dresses with a gentle shape and jump suits. They are minimalist clothes, a rarity and aesthetic find.

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