Newvogue Fashion Tumblr Blogger of the Week: Couchwithaview

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Couchwithaview is our lady in pink. Pink because it is a favorite color of hers but also because her fashion goes beneath the skin.

Being Newvogue Fashion we could sometime stray unto the vintage and couture side of things.

Thanks to members like ‘couchwithaview’ we remain grounded. She reminds us of the beautiful colors and the sweet aroma of life in the Spring-Time.

To be colorful, free, comfortable and happy, is what she brings. 

Her view can be breath-taking at times but at the end of the day it represents life & love.

We recognize this ‘Newvogue Spirit ‘ and are very grateful to have her. She makes us stronger. She makes us vibrant. She makes us relevant.

Find her post at: as well as

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